Things To Consider Before Joining A Direct Sales Company

Make Money / Monday, May 20th, 2013

Becoming a direct sales consultant can be the ticket to an income that you would have never dreamed of. A profitable home-based business in direct sales can be built by virtually anyone that is willing to do a little research and choose the company that best fits their lifestyle. With most direct sales companies, there is little risk and low overhead depending on how you work your business. The hardest part of deciding to become a direct sales consultant is choosing a company that you will be successful in. What should you think about before joining a direct sales company? Here are some tips to help you decide what might be the best company for you.

1. What products does the company sell? Selling a product you are passionate about is one of the best ways to be successful. If you love makeup, then a company such as Mary Kay or Avon may be for you. If you do not like to cook, you would not want to become a Pampered Chef consultant. If you love making your home smell better, then a company (such as Pink Zebra, Scentsy, etc)  that sells candles, waxes and other aromatic items would be a good fit.

2. Passion. Are you passionate about the products you will be selling? Customers can tell if you are genuine about your love for the products. By actually using and loving the products you are selling, you will have a more successful business.

3. Initial investment. How much is required to join the direct sales company to get your business going? Be aware that most starter kits will give you the bare minimum to get started in your business. There is generally enough product to display during a party or to show prospective customers. Many companies also offer signing incentives at times. Keep in mind that the company that is cheapest may or may not be the right business for you. The cost is irrelevant if you do not like the products.

4. Monthly minimums. Are there minimum monthly sales requirements? Some companies have higher requirements than others. Are you going to be able to meet that minimum?

5. Compensation Plan. Each company has a different pay structure. Be sure to inquire of the consultant you are talking to as to the compensation plan. For example, as a Pink Zebra consultant I get 7% of the wholesale volume of anyone I sign. I also get an additional 3% if I keep them on my first level. This gives me 10% of their sales. A good compensation plan plays a big part in the decision.

6. Control. How much does the company control what you cn and can’t do as far as building your business? For example, some companies will not allow the consultants to offer any incentives to join other than the incentives provided by the company.

7. Support. When talking to a consultant about joining their team, determine how active he/she is in the business and in helping team members with any questions they may have. Is the consultant’s upline available if he/she isn’t around? There is nothing worse than signing up under someone that will not help your business grow by being able to answer any questions you may have.

8. Advertising. Will the company allow you to advertise? What restrictions are in place as far as advertising? Is online advertising allowed? Print ads?

9. Accessibility. How many consultants are in your area? Joining a company that is not oversaturated in your area can be a huge plus. A ground floor company offering unique, quality products might be the perfect business to start in your area.

10. Online Sales. Does the company allow online sales? Do they provide the consultants with a website from which customers can order? How much does the website cost per month? With Pink Zebra (as well as a few other companies), you get the first 30 days free. You are then required to pay a fee in order to keep your site. With Pink Zebra, it is $9.95 per month (at the time of the writing of this article). Some companies are $20 per month or more.

Before making the final decision, try the products of the company you are considering. Make sure you will have the support you need. Once you have decided on the company for you, get busy and build your business and watch it grow.