Newest Members of Our Family

Life / Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Several months ago, I had to take our fifteen-year-old boxer to have him put down. Poor guy was so old he was having problems getting around and just not feeling well. After much discussion, we decided it would be best for him if we took him to the vet. I have to say that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Now that our family has healed somewhat, we decided to add a new member to our family. I joined several pet groups on Facebook. After perusing the sites for several weeks, I saw a post with some 5 week old German Shepherd/Husky mix puppies. The lady that posted them said the mother had died and she was bottle feeding them. She had no idea what breed the mother was, as she had gotten the puppies from someone else that had posted them on the Facebook group. The person posting the whole litter was the owner of the dad, who is a German Shepherd/Husky mix. Bottle fed puppies meant they would be super loving and easier to train. Most of the puppies I had seen in the groups were older. I was excited to see some younger puppies as I have always had better luck training younger puppies.

I saw these little guys and absolutely fell in love with the little white one. I messaged the lady that had them and we made plans to meet. When it was getting closer to the time for me to get him, she messaged me and asked me if I knew anyone who would take the other one. She had had no interest in him. He was really small and puny. He did not look healthy at all. I decided, against my better judgment, to take them both.

We met in a small town about halfway in between our homes. When I saw these babies, I fell in love. I was very worried about the little brown one. He was so bony you could see every rib and you could feel every little bump on his spine. He could hardly stand. His back was humped over and his tail was tucked between his legs. The lighter-colored one was a chunky little booger. He was very active.

When my son got home from school, he was so excited. He named the brown one Ravi and the white one Alexander. Of course, you know that once they are named they are part of the family.

A few hours after we got home, I received a Facebook message from the lady I had gotten them from saying her other puppy had died from suspected Parvo after she got back home. She had told me before I decided to get them that her puppy was sick and most likely had Parvo.  As you know, Parvo is a devastating sickness in puppies. I was so worried about these little guys, especially Ravi.

Over the weekend, I made sure that Ravi was able to eat plenty of food. I had been feeding them in separate bowls and keeping them away from each other while eating. I had figured out after the first feeding that Alexander was eating all of Ravi’s food. First thing Monday morning, I took the puppies to the vet where they received their first puppy shots and were wormed. I explained the Parvo situation to the vet and he said that there is a good possibility that they may get parvo. By the time I got them to the vet, Ravi was looking a lot better as far as his bony ribs and spine. The vet said that Ravi looked healthy. Over the next few days, they were still pooping a lot of soft poop. Ravi was especially worrisome as his poop was basically just liquid. Today makes day 6 of them being here. Both of them seem to be doing very well. They are both pooping firmer poop, which makes me feel much better. The only problem I seem to have now is that they poop everywhere. I have already shampooed the carpet in the bedroom 4 times this week. My cousin brought me a stack of newspapers yesterday and I ordered a package of 150 potty pads from Hopefully, that will be enough to get them through until I get them trained to go outside.

We are so excited to have them in our family. We are hoping they will be here for a very long time.