My Puppies Need More Toys

Life / Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

The other day I shared my new puppies with you. Ravi and Alexander are doing absolutely great. However, as with all new puppies comes the terrible chewing stage. They are already starting to chew on my wooden tables. I have bought a few toys for them but they seem disinterested for the most part. Alexander was chewing on this rope toy for the picture but not for long.I would love some suggestions as to what they might like. My biggest problem is that I have three other dogs that are older or bigger. I am worried that Naya, my boxer / Mastiff mix may swallow the toys.

We have fallen in love with these sweet puppies. They are doing pretty well at going outside to the bathroom during the day.  Of course, overnights are a different story as far as them holding it till morning. I wake up in the morning and my house has been bombed by the poop machines. Lucky for me, the poop has gotten to where it is more firm and is easier to pick up. They are also doing good with using the potty pads I ordered from The hardest part of potty training is me getting them outside when the weather is cold and dreary. They are smart little boys and I think they will be doing all of their business outside before long.