Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities – Work At Home vs. Work From Home

Make Money / Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

I get asked frequently what I do from home to make money. There are many legitimate opportunities to make money either at home or from home. First, you must understand the difference. A “work at home” job does not require leaving home to work. You have your office at home and do everything from either the couch, bed, a designated office space or somewhere in your home – or even outside on the deck. On the other hand, a “work from home” job requires leaving home to complete the job requirements. You will find examples of both types of jobs listed below.


  • Uhaul – Uhaul hires various positions from home. They pay by the hour not by talk time as some work at home jobs do. Jobs are part-time with benefits.
  • Sitel – Sitel is a customer service job. You could be answering calls for a variety of reasons such as billing inquiries, product sales, troubleshooting, etc. Pay is per hour and can vary according to the job performed. Full-time employees get benefits. For more information visit the “Work at Home” page on their website. They also have a “frequently asked questions” page.
  • Sykes – Sykes is a customer service job. You will be handling a variety of calls dealing with banking, healthcare, cable service and other services. Pay is by the hour and benefits are provided.


  • WeGoLook – WeGoLook is a company that hires “lookers” to go out and performs tasks such as taking photos of vehicles,  houses, items purchased online, etc. I have actually done this and it is definitely legitimate. There is a fee for the background check when you get started but the fee is taken out of your first payment. The number of looks available will vary based on where you live. Those living in more populated areas will generally have the chance to have more tasks. Those in more rural areas will get fewer tasks. They have an app which is used to take the pictures and submit the photos. The app is also used to notify you when new tasks are available. The first one to accept the task will be the one that gets to do it. They are super friendly to work for. The pay is per task. Most of the tasks I get start at $20 and can be more depending on the type of task and where it is located. If the look is quite a distance, the pay can be increased. Pay is by Paypal and you are considered a contract worker. This means you are responsible for your own taxes.