Leashes, Housebreaking, Chewing: Dog Training Is Not Easy

Life / Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
Husky Shepherd mix
Xander and Ravi enjoying the great outdoors.

My sweet boys, Ravi and Alexander, are 6 months old now. They love, love, love playing outside but are inside dogs. I have been working on dog trainings ever since I got them. Things like potty training, leash training, anti-chewing training, and whatever else it takes to make them good dogs.

They are doing fairly well on the potty training. However, we still have a few issues here and there. This is especially true at night or when I am gone for a while during the day. The rain is a factor as well. Who the heck wants to go outside when it is raining? I don’t get too mad at them though. I just get frustrated when I have to keep shampooing the carpet and mopping the floors. We are getting there though.

Husky Shepherd Mix
My chewed-up coffee table with one of the culprits.

Unfortunately for me and my furniture, they are still in that chewing stage and will be for a while. Over the past few months, they have chewed up the 2 cushions on my loveseat and 1 of the 3 cushions on the couch. I have my loveseat and couch covered with cheap sheets I bought at Walmart. No sense in buying new furniture until I get this under control. My poor coffee table is now bearing the brunt of the chewing. As for the coffee table, I paid $5 for it at a garage sale about 10 years ago. It has been through a lot in those 10 years with no ill effects until the boys decided that chewing on it was fun. As you can see, they have done quite a number on it. Another chewing thing they like is eating ice. As soon as they hear me near the refrigerator, they come running through the house, or should I say sliding around the corners? They also love to chew on toys but then what dog doesn’t? I subscribed to BarkBox back in December to give them more toys to chew on. Luckily, I signed up during the Christmas holidays and used a code to get a free toy each month for a year. I pay $20 a month for 3 toys, 2 bags of treats, and a chew. These dogs know the box is for them when the mail comes but I have to wait until my son gets out of school so he can open the box. Unfortunately, these boys tend to mutilate the toys in a short period of time. They have sent me some really hard to chew up toys and Xander still tears them up. BarkBox has been great about replacing several of the toys since they were torn up within an hour of opening the box. Someday, they will grow out of the chewing stage. It can’t come soon enough.

Ravi is not a fan of his harness.
My Xander takes it all in stride.

I have been slowly introducing the leash to them for several months now. Poor Ravi is terrified of the leash. He was really iffy when I first put a collar on him but has adjusted to that pretty well. The leash is a different story. He sees me get the leash and he goes and hides. I finally decided to get a couple of harnesses for them. I got them yesterday and I can already tell that they feel more comfortable with the harness than the collar. I am giving them a few days to get used to the harness and then will break out the leash again. I will update after I try the leashes.