You Can Help Stop Puppy Mills

If you are an animal lover, please click on the image below to learn more about how you can help eradicate puppy mills.

I have visited a few homes over the years where people raise puppies as an income. I am horrified at the deplorable conditions many of these puppies are raised in. The adult dogs are generally sleeping in their own feces and urine. Their hair is matted and unkempt. There is no telling how much disease is present in these “kennels”.

I am an animal lover. I own 5 dogs and 4 cats. I bought a couple of my dogs from reputable breeders. I visited their homes to see where the parents live. When you buy a puppy at a flea market, pet store, etc, you have no clue how that puppy has been taken care. Many times, the breeder will bathe the puppy and clean it up to attract a buyer.

The adult dogs are usually not socialized and are scared of people. They are treated as nothing but a breeding machine. Many dogs retrieved from these puppy mills are not able to be socialized and end up being euthanized.

Please consider adopting  shelter or rescue dog when you are looking for that designer dog. Shelter dogs are generally available for a fraction of the cost of those papered dogs. Papers do not make the dog. The love and affection a dog receives is what makes the dog.