Where Does Your Dog Sleep? (Nature’s Sleep Dog Bed Review)

rambo toyMy fur babies have always slept in the bed with me. I have 4 fur children that bark and 3 that meow. The cats come and go but the dogs are usually in bed all night and never move. It has gotten very annoying for sure. I have a 90lb boxer, a 50lb English bulldog and 2 small dogs-a shih tzu and a shih tzu mix. Have you ever tried to move a 90lb boxer in order to get your covers? Believe me, it is not easy. Seriously, look how big those feet are! He is huge! Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a Nature’s Sleep Dog Bed with Memory foam. I was really excited to get the bed. I could not wait to get at least one of the big dogs out of my bed.

I was amazed when I received the package. I have never owned anything with memory foam before, so  I was really confused when I opened the box. The dog bed felt lumpy and I really did not think my dogs would ever want to lay on it. I kept touching the bed trying to figure out what was making it so lumpy. I decided to remove the cover and started to pull and knead at the stuffing. It was loosening up and started feeling a lot softer-more like a bed should.

013Once I removed most of the lumps, I put it down for the dogs to try out. As you can see, the dogs had to wait their turn. Caden could not wait to lay on it. We finally got him out of the bed but the dogs had to get used to the fact that there was a bed made just for them. I knew that Rambo (the boxer) would be a little too big for the bed, so I kept putting Sadee in it until she figured out that it was comfy. The two big dogs (and Caden) love to take turns in the bed.







Even Momo kitty takes her turn.021 All in all, I would have to say that the bed has been a hit at our house. The dogs love it, the cats love it and momma loves it because she actually can get at least one dog out of the bed at night. It is really funny because at night sometimes, if none of the other dogs are in the dog bed, Rambo will go over there and I hear him rustling around trying to fit his big body in that bed that is too small for him. It is just right for Sadee. I think it helps her to be more comfortable, especially with her painful hip joints that English bulldogs are prone to. I will definitely be looking into getting  a large one for Rambo. It just doesn’t seem fair that he can’t have the same comfort that Sadee has. As for the 2 little dogs, they seem to like sleeping with us better than the bed.

Now for the specs on this great pet bed.

The Bolstered Pet Bed by Nature’s Sleep features:

  • Solid visco memory foam base layer
  • Thick Shredded Visco comfort layer ideal for “nesting”
  • Top Fiber layer for soft comfort
  • Fiber filled Bolster
  • Removable washable cover
  • Waterproof scrim preventing moisture from reaching & harming the foam
  • Non Skid bottom panel
  • Compressed and vacuum packed for easy cost effective shipping
  • Available in 3 colors – Taupe, Chocolate, Sage
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small-37” Oval (up to 50 lbs ), (Medium- 44” Oval (50 to 100 lbs.), and Large-52” Oval (up to 150 lbs.)

Where can you get it? The Pet Bed is available on the Nature’s Sleep website! Right now, you can get 50% off of anything in the Nature’s Sleep shop by using the code BEARS50. Be sure to check out the mattresses, pillows and additional sleep accessories (like slippers) from Nature’s Sleep.

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