Time To Renew My House Again

Living in the same house for the past thirteen years, I am looking to make a few changes to make it not so blah. After being in the same house for so long, things all start getting boring. We have repainted the walls a few times. Painting does help somewhat but it is still kind of ho-hum.  I have been thinking about getting embossed wallcoverings to put on my living room walls.

My living room is one looooonnngggg room and needs to be spruced up a bit to make things more interesting. The walls were recently painted a sky blue since I was tired of the light pink walls. I love the blue behind my new fish aquarium. It makes it look like the water is blue. I have been contemplating doing the embossed wall-covering on one of the longer walls to see if it helps make the room look more homey. The room just looks too, I don’t know, not very homey looking. That does not even make sense really. Have you ever just walked into a room and it felt all warm and cozy? THAT is how I want it to be.

Over the next few months, I will be doing some rearranging and reorganizing. I hope to take some pictures and show you what I have done. Maybe it will look okay. I am still working on getting a few things for my new 100 gallon fish aquarium. Maybe I will get it all done about the same time so I can share. Smile