May 152012

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I am not a fan of high school reunions. I did not have many friends and the ones I did have are still my friends today. I hated my high school and I hated the snobs that went to school there. I resisted going to any of my reunions until the 25th. Major mistake. I should have known better. I talked to my friends and my friends only. The rest of them were too busy comparing their uppity little lives (not to mention the ones that were trying to cheat on their spouses with anyone they thought would). My husband succeeded in getting drunk and embarrassed me. Needless to say, I will not attend any more reunions.

In Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet, Jane heads to her high school reunion and brings along Maura. The fun is cut short after a series of murders take place all involving fellow students. Jane is forced to focus on the past to help solve the case when she realizes that everyone in her class is a potential suspect. My reunion was not as dramatic as Jane’s but it would make a good soap opera or chick flick.

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