My New Dentist

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Nov 182011

I have never been very consistent with going to the dentist. Seriously, how many people actually like going to the dentist? Not me for sure. I guess if I were to go regularly and not wait until I am in pain, it might be different. I have been having tooth pain for the past month and have been procrastinating on going to the dentist. I finally decided that I had better go before the pain got unbearable. I asked a few friends for recommendations and decided to go to Dr. MacKenzie at Paris Smiles.

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt very welcome. Every single person in the office was super friendly. The assistant, Laura, took x-rays of my mouth and took them for the doctor to look at. After he had a chance to look at them, he came in and told me he could do nothing today because of the infection surrounding my teeth. So, they called in some antibiotics and a pain medicine for me to take. I have to take the antibiotics 4 times a day and the pain med when I need it. Of course, I will try to make it without the pain medicine but the way it has been hurting, I may have to take them. I scheduled another appointment to have the 2 offensive teeth pulled before the end of the month. I am not looking forward to having it done but am glad that everyone in the office is so friendly so that maybe it won’t be quite so traumatic.

Another problem that I will have once I get the teeth pulled is that I will have no back teeth on the left side of my mouth. He suggested that I think about partials but of course, in my life money doesn’t grow on any of my trees-so I don’t know what I will be able to do as far as that aspect of it. I just hope I am not in too much pain to eat Thanksgiving dinner next week.

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