Feb 232012

Are you the admin of a Facebook group? You may have noticed that, once again, Facebook is changing things. There is now a bar across the top of the page that shows group members. Fortunately, you can customize this area by adding a banner.

How to create a banner for your Facebook group:

  1. Using Paint or some other graphics program, create a banner that is 805px X 200px.
  2. Add your custom graphics or text of choice, being sure to keep the bottom 30 pixels clear of text so as not to interfere with viewing the link tabs on the group page. If you will notice, when you arrow over the banner area, the link bar drops down so you can see only the banner.
  3. Add the image to the group page and you are done!! To add the image to the page, the admin will have an area on the top right of the banner in which to add the image.

Hope you have fun designing a customized look for your Facebook group page!! You can even change it with the seasons or to make note of important information.