Feb 132012

I am so “becited”(excited), as my son said this morning when he saw the snow on the ground. Week 2 and I am down 6 pounds. I am happy to say that the Nutrisystem program has been so easy to stick to. It has always been hard for me to stick to any type of diet but I am learning to space out my meals and eat healthier.

I really like the foods. My favorites for each meal so far are:

  • Breakfast-omelets and muffins
  • Lunch-tortilla soup and quesadillas
  • Supper-beef/mashed potatoes/green bean dinner and pretty much all of the Chef’s Table Collection dinners
  • Dessert-Thin Mint Crisp bar and the ice cream sandwiches

I am really feeling good about losing weight. I am looking forward to being able to play with my son and not feel so down and out afterward. He keeps asking me when I am going to be skinny so I can run and play with him.

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Oct 142011

I fell on my knee the other day in Dollar General when I slipped because my shoe was wet from the rain. I was so embarrassed. I felt like such a cow. It was a humiliating feeling when I realized my foot was slipping. I could not stop. I went kerplunk right there in front of everyone. Being 6 foot tall and weighing in at 270 pounds, I don’t really look too fat-I am just a flipping amazon. I imagine it was quite a site to see me trying to hoist myself off of the floor.  I finally got up, got my stuff I was buying and got the heck outta there. I am now on a mission to lose this 100 extra pounds.

I am so wishing that I had not sold my Treadmill a couple of years ago. I am in desperate need to lose about 100lbs. I currently have high blood pressure and my back and knees are in continuous pain. I feel miserable and really need to do something to lose weight. I am working on trying to eat better and exercise more. I know that this is the best way to do it. It is just really hard to adjust my eating habits when I have to fix something for my family too. My four year old does not need to lose weight so he needs to eat differently than I do.

Have you succeeded in losing weight? How did you do it? I am in desperate need here!