Back To School-Are You Ready?

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Aug 132011

With the coming of Fall comes the time to return to school for the youngsters. School starts here on the 22nd and believe me, I am ready! My little man has been in Head Start since the day after he turned 3. Due to speech problems, he was in the Early Childhood Intervention program and when they turn 3 they “age out”. If the therapist thinks the child needs more therapy, then they are enrolled in a Head Start program if there are any available spots. Lucky for me, our local school had room for him. His first year consisted of only 4 months. This year will be his second full year and he will be in Pre-K.

No, I am not ready for my sweet little man to grow up. I am not ready for him to start back to school because he is a bad kid-he is far from that. I am just ready to have some “ME” time! He is definitely a momma’s boy. He loves his momma. He goes where I go. Every now and then if I am lucky, I may get 5 minutes to myself.

Is he a little spoiled? Yeppers, he is. After all, he is my one and only. He pretty much gets every toy he wants, within reason. I still have not gotten him a “jumpoline”, which is what he calls a trampoline. I told him he would have to wait for Christmas or his birthday. He decided he wants it for his birthday. Now, I just have to find that elusive money tree to get him one. I will manage it somehow-I hope.

On August 22nd, we will get up early (hope I get him back on a regular schedule by then) and go to school. I already have everything he needs. Luckily, Head Start students don’t need a lot. Just a backpack and an extra set of clothes to keep in their cubbies. Fortunately for me, one of his classmates is a size ahead of him so he has plenty of “new” clothes to wear. I did buy him a pair of shoes at the store last week. He did need some new tennie runners (tennis shoes) since his others were wore slap dab out.

He is truly excited about going back to school. Of course, this will probably change as he gets older. He is ready to see who all will be in his class this year and of course, to play on the playground. LOL!  I will post updates as the year progresses. I hope he keeps the good attitude.