Mar 052012

Looking for educational toys that allow your child to explore, create and experiment? Look no farther-Smartlab Toys has toys that fit the bill. I was given the opportunity to review the You-Build-It RoboXplorer.

RoboXplorer image one

Kids build their very own multiterrain robotic vehicle, complete with six S-shaped legs designed to conquer some of the toughest terrains, such as sand, rocks, and grass. Test its limits by towing toy cars, climbing a stack of books, or negotiating a wall—RoboXplorer will stop at almost nothing!

021Caden and I had so much fun putting this together. We laid out all of the pieces and I had him look at the instructions and tell me how to put it together. He loves being hands-on when we are building things.After we got it assembled, we took it outside for some night time experimenting. I loved the idea that it had lights, especially since it was dark. Our cats chased it around thinking it was their toy.

This is definitely a fun toy. I would recommend it as a great project to work on with your child. You can purchase the RoboXplorer, as well as any of the other great products from Smartlab Toys directly from the Smartlab Toys website and save 25% by using savings code: BLOGDEAL0412 (expires 4/30/12). You can also enter to win your very own RoboXplorer by entering in the Rafflecopter form below. SmartLab Toys also has free downloadable activities for kids! Check them out at

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