Satellite Internet and Wifi Security

Living in the country, I am very limited as to which internet services are available to me. I have 2 choices, either satellite or dial-up. As we all know, dial-up is prohibitively SLOW. As for satellite, it is fast but dang it is expensive. You are also very limited as to how many GB you use per month.

A couple of years ago, I kept going way over my limit every single day. I kept going over my actions online to determine why. I could not figure it out. I thought maybe someone was stealing my signal from my wifi. The problem with that is I have no neighbors to steal my signal. Fortunately, living out here does not require the data security that would be required in a more populated area. I had my nephew set up a security system on my wifi and my computer just in case. It was a good thing to do anyway so that if I was out somewhere and using a public wifi, no one could get into my system.

Back to the original problem. Come to find out, I was opening way too many web sites and they were sucking up my limit. So, it wasn’t a wifi stealing issue. It was me spending too much time on the Internet. Smile