Newest Addition To The Family

030I am a member of a local group on Facebook where people post things for sale. Well, the other day, someone posted an adorable litter of puppies. The puppies are part Shih Tzu and a mystery dad-either a papillon or a terrier type dog. They look like little fuzzballs right now. Of course, loving animals like I do, I could not resist. I sent the girl a message to let her know I was interested. I went to pick my new baby up yesterday and fell in love.


What do you think? Irresistibly cute,or what? My son named her Fluffy Pia. LOL! He has a Puppy Pia. I love it when kids name your pets. They come up with some cute stuff. Our other dogs took right up with her-and so did the cats. They were all being protective of her. The cats would aw the dogs away from her and the dogs were letting each other know that the puppy was theirs. It was quite amusing to watch them. As you can see in the photo below, she really took up with our make boxer, Rambo.


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