Five Dogs In The House, What Was I Thinking?

I admit it. I have a definite weakness when it comes to puppies. Show me a puppy and I will fall in love. Needless to say, this is how I have found myself with 5 barking fur-babies in my house. Of course, that does not take into account the 4 meowing fur-babies.SAM_0007

I have quite a menagerie of pets. There is Rambo (8 years old) the 90 pound boxer, Sadee (7) the 45 pound English bulldog, Sophie(4-also known as Puppy Pia) the 15 pound shih-tzu, Puppy Cakes (1) the 10 pound shih-tzu/papillon mix and Naya (4 months old) the growing boxer/mastiff mix. Did I mention that I have a king-sized bed and they all sleep in the bed? As far as cats, we have Momo, Sophia, Sword and Fufu. Yes, my now 6 year old son named the cats and some of the dogs.

I admit that I do get frustrated at times with them. The dirt they bring in on their feet causes me to sweep several times a day and usually mop once a day. Luckily, I have linoleum floors and not carpet. The puppy stage brings a lot of chewing on things that are not supposed to be chewed on. NayaBelle is the one at this stage right now.

I love my babies and enjoy every stressed out moment with them. They keep me warm at night, they lay in my lap, they give me sugars and love me unconditionally and do not talk back.