Missing The Lake and Camping

It has been several years since I have been to the lake. We used to go camping several times during the summer months with several of my family members. Unfortunately, since we have family issues and no longer speak to these family members, we do […]

Why Do I Even Bother?

Do you ever wonder why you even bother doing things for people when they don’t even appreciate it? I spent an hour cooking dinner tonight and no one ate but me.   The sad thing is that when I don’t cook, I get snide remarks […]

Where Is Spring? I Am Ready To Spring Clean

Even though the first day of Spring was several days ago, it is definitely not feeling like Spring here at all. With the first day of Spring comes the preparation for the Summer months. It is time to clean the house really good, remove the […]

Time To Renew My House Again

Living in the same house for the past thirteen years, I am looking to make a few changes to make it not so blah. After being in the same house for so long, things all start getting boring. We have repainted the walls a few […]

Have Kids? Grandkids? Great Dr Seuss Gift Idea

Looking to get something special for the little ones for a birthday or other special occasion? This is a heck of a deal and the kids will LOVE it!! Click the image above to get yours. I ordered mine the other day and the grandkids […]

Finding A Place To Call Home

Now that I am getting things on track with my business, I have been thinking about a lot of things I would like to do when I start making that six figure income that on my agenda. You know, the usual things- a better vehicle, […]