Have Kids? Grandkids? Great Dr Seuss Gift Idea

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Mar 152013

Looking to get something special for the little ones for a birthday or other special occasion? This is a heck of a deal and the kids will LOVE it!! Smile Click the image above to get yours. I ordered mine the other day and the grandkids are gonna be some happy campers come Christmas time.

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Finding A Place To Call Home

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Mar 122013

Now that I am getting things on track with my business, I have been thinking about a lot of things I would like to do when I start making that six figure income that on my agenda. You know, the usual things- a better vehicle, a better home, etc. I often dream of new cars and even new home communities. Port St Lucie would be the type of place I would love to be as far as a home and of course, my vehicle of choice would be a Tahoe.

The car part is easy. I will find a nice used Tahoe that is a lot newer than mine. I LOVE my Tahoe and it works well for my business as well as personal use. The home part, well, that is a lot to think about. A single dwelling home, a condo, a home in the country, a home closer to the amenities I would like, etc.

With my health and back problems, I need something somewhere that is easy to take care of. A place where they take care of it for me would be nice too. If you had a chance and money was no object, what type of home would you look for? I like the idea of community living because there is always something to do. Most communities offer amenities such as golf, fitness, pools, lakeside hangouts, etc. Sounds like my kind of place!

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Summer Is On The Way

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Mar 082013

I just realized that Spring break is next week. Seriously, where does the time go? When I picked my son up from school last week, he brought his nap mat home. No more naps. Sad smile Again, where does the time go? They are getting them ready for First Grade. I am so not ready for my baby to grow up. Of course, with the realization that Spring break and 1st grade are on the horizon, this can only mean one thing-Summer is almost here.

What do you do during the summer? Have you planned your vacation? Are you already choosing a summer camp for the kids? I have not given the slightest thought to summer. I do know I will will be doing quite a few vendor events to sell my Pink Zebra products. As for keeping my young man busy, I have no clue. I am also trying my best to promote with Pink Zebra and hopefully be at the point where we can take a vacation when I go to the Pink Zebra Reunion this year.

Who would have thought that being an adult/parent would require so many thoughts and plans. I do know that I am glad my daughter-in-law is right down the road if for some reason I need her help during the summer. You never know when someone may schedule a party and my little one is not a fan of going with me to help me sell my Pink Zebra.

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Feb 182013

I need an intervention. I just realized that I am in over 250 groups on Facebook. YIKES! Blogging groups, swap groups, pet groups, advertising groups, and who knows what else. I have no clue how to keep it all organized.

For starters, I tried copying and pasting to a spreadsheet. The problem with that method is that if you join new groups, then you have to add them in one by one. I really wish there was a way to add them to folders on Facebook. That would be amazing! I also wish there was an easy way to remove yourself from groups that are no longer interesting to you.

How many groups are you in on Facebook? How do you keep yourself organized? I am a bit overwhelmed at times trying to keep up with everything.

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Feb 172013

I am considered obese. What a horrid word, right? UGH! My New Year’s resolution was, as many other people have on their list, to lose weight. I am 100 pounds overweight. I have it on my agenda to start exercising but also need to change the way I eat. After researching a few diets and talking to friends, I think I am going to try a low carb diet.

A former coworker has been on a low carb diet for several years now and has lost quite a bit of weight. She met her goal and is now on a maintenance diet. She raves about the various items you can find on a low carb diet. Her favorite lunch item is a low carb pita. She fills them with low carb goodies and they satisfy her hunger. One of my main problems with dieting is limiting the amount of foods I eat. I love to eat and I HATE feeling hungry. I think I might be able to do this if I can still eat and feel full.

What are your dieting woes? Any tips on trying a low carb diet? Fill me in. I need all of the help I can get.

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Wish I Could Understand What They Say

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Feb 032013

Have you ever been somewhere that people are jabbering in a different language and wish you knew what the heck they were saying? I don’t know about you, but I always wonder if they are talking smack about me. This is especially true when I go get my nails done or a pedicure.

You know the routine. You go in and tell them what you need. Then, all of a sudden, there is a lot of talking going on but you have no idea what is being said. It makes me really uncomfortable sometimes. Seriously, are they calling me a fat cow or something equally demeaning? I am ready to see about finding a translation company that I can call from my cell so they can tell me what is being said. LOL! I know how they work because when I was working at the hospital, we had a translation service that we had to call when we had a non-English speaking patient that we were having communication problems with.

Do you ever wonder what someone that is speaking in another language is saying? I admit that I feel uncomfortable sometimes when I cannot understand what someone is saying. Having it translated for me would be absolutely amazing. At least then I would know whether I am being talked about.

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Satellite Internet and Wifi Security

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Jan 312013

Living in the country, I am very limited as to which internet services are available to me. I have 2 choices, either satellite or dial-up. As we all know, dial-up is prohibitively SLOW. As for satellite, it is fast but dang it is expensive. You are also very limited as to how many GB you use per month.

A couple of years ago, I kept going way over my limit every single day. I kept going over my actions online to determine why. I could not figure it out. I thought maybe someone was stealing my signal from my wifi. The problem with that is I have no neighbors to steal my signal. Fortunately, living out here does not require the data security that would be required in a more populated area. I had my nephew set up a security system on my wifi and my computer just in case. It was a good thing to do anyway so that if I was out somewhere and using a public wifi, no one could get into my system.

Back to the original problem. Come to find out, I was opening way too many web sites and they were sucking up my limit. So, it wasn’t a wifi stealing issue. It was me spending too much time on the Internet. Smile

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That’s A Victory, Save At Famous Footwear

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Aug 112012

This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

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So, get ready for back to school shopping- print your coupon and head over to Famous Footwear to save on your shoe purchases. 

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Sign Up Now For UPS My Choice

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Jul 152012

Are you signed up for UPS My Choice? You will know when your packages are scheduled to be delivered. Never miss a shipment again by signing up. It is free for basic service with an upgrade option. Click the image below to go to the UPS site to register.

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