Save On Digital Media Academy Tech Summer Camps

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May 232016

Digital Media Academy tech summer camps are filling up faster than ever! Don’t miss out on the summer experience of a lifetime – SAVE $50 with code CR8TECH16 when you register by May 31, 2016.

At DMA, kids (ages 6-12) and teens (ages 12-17) learn computer programming, app development, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic design, filmmaking, and much more!

Choose from one week DMA Camps, or step it up with two week DMA Academies , all taught by industry experts and tech professionals.

Campers get hands-on experience creating projects using the latest hardware and software from Apple, Canon, Adobe, and more.

Digital Media Academy also offers STEM camps just for girls, called Made by Girls! Learn from a female role model and tech professional in an environment of creative girls just like you!

Hurry, save $50 with code CR8TECH16 when you register by May 31!

See you this summer at Digital Media Academy! #CreateTheNext

Find your summer camp at! Questions? Call 1(866)656-3342 or email

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Apr 012012


Do you save your change? I have several bowls around the house in which to collect the stray coins that I find in various places. Usually, I try to leave them until I have quite a few to cash in. My change really comes in handy when I need money to pay a bill or if something unexpected comes up. The bad part is having to count and roll the change. What is sad is that my bank “says” they do not have a machine to count the change so I have to roll it. Several months ago, I started using Coinstar kiosks.

028Coinstar kiosks are a great way to cash in your change without having to count it yourself. Coinstar has several options in which to cash in your change. You can get it in cash, gift card, donate it to charity or add it to your PayPal account. Yes, you read that right. You can add it to PayPal AND you can even withdraw money from PayPal.

Being a longtime PayPal user, I have relied on PayPal to receive payments for many of my online money making endeavors. The thing that is hard for me is if  I really need my money and cannot wait for it to be transferred to your bank account. I don’t normally have that problem since I have a PayPal debit card but many people do not have a debit card they can use to withdraw funds.

022When I heard about Coinstar being able to deposit funds to my PayPal account, I decided to try it out. We were planning a visit to my stepson’s house and we needed to buy a few snacks for the trip. We went to our local Brookshire’s since it is one of my favorite places to shop. I printed my list and gathered up my change to try out the PayPal option at the Coinstar kiosk. The kiosk, located in the front of the store is easily visible with its brightly colored display.

027There is a cute little sign on the kiosk that says, “PayPal now lives here”. Since I had already decided to deposit it into my PayPal account, I chose the PayPal option on the screen. I was then asked to enter my email address that is associated with my account. Once my account was verified, it was time to add the change. Caden helped me get the change into the little basket to begin the sorting. He excitedly watched as the change 033continued to add up. By the time it was through counting, we had $50.38 worth of change to add to my account. It took a few seconds to process the transaction. Unfortunately for me, the screen popped up a message that there was an error and I would get a receipt to take to the service desk to get my money. I was a little disappointed that it did not work but I understand that sometimes in our vast world of technology, there will be a037 glitch here and there. I do look forward to trying it again when I get some more change saved up. I have a feeling I will be using the withdraw feature at some point in time too. I have gone to town several times in the past few months and left my wallet at home. I live 22 miles from town and it is not economically feasible for me to drive all the way home just to get my wallet.

All-in-all, my experience was a pleasant one. Even though there was an error, I was still able to get my money. I have always had good experiences with both Coinstar and PayPal. I am happy to have the option to cash out funds from Paypal or add funds to Paypal via Coinstar. It is nice to know I can access PayPal without having to have my debit card.

Be sure to “Like” Coinstar on Facebook and “Follow” Coinstar on Twitter. You can also “Like” PayPal on Facebook and “Follow” PayPal on Twitter. Please visit me on Google + to see more about my Coinstar visit. You can also use the hashtags #PayPalCoinstar and #CBias to see more about Coinstar and PayPal.

I have been paid (at Coinstar’s request) to try and blog about Coinstar’s products/services as part of a Collective Bias shopper insights study. All opinions are my own.”

Feb 232012

Are you the admin of a Facebook group? You may have noticed that, once again, Facebook is changing things. There is now a bar across the top of the page that shows group members. Fortunately, you can customize this area by adding a banner.

How to create a banner for your Facebook group:

  1. Using Paint or some other graphics program, create a banner that is 805px X 200px.
  2. Add your custom graphics or text of choice, being sure to keep the bottom 30 pixels clear of text so as not to interfere with viewing the link tabs on the group page. If you will notice, when you arrow over the banner area, the link bar drops down so you can see only the banner.
  3. Add the image to the group page and you are done!! To add the image to the page, the admin will have an area on the top right of the banner in which to add the image.

Hope you have fun designing a customized look for your Facebook group page!! You can even change it with the seasons or to make note of important information.

Chuggington Pulls Into The Station With A New App!

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Nov 172011

For all of you parents that have Chuggington fans, be sure to check out the new Chuggington app now available! Chuggington:Terrific Trainee is available for iPhone/iPad through the App Store.

Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! features 16 action-packed missions starring kids’ favorite characters from the series – Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Action Chugger – and combines the fun of train play with all the special features of the iPhone/iPad. With an intuitive mechanic that utilizes each device’s touchscreen, preschoolers can activate a number of exciting train features during game play with a simple press or swipe of the finger, including jump, speed boost, grow, fly, switch tracks to avoid obstacles, load/unload deliveries, make pickups and more!


First Full-Feature Chuggington™ App – Developed by Starz Digital Media – Delivers Traintastic Fun to Young ‘Conductors’ Everywhere

New York, NY – November 11, 2011 Starz Digital Media and Ludorum are excited to announce their Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. This is the first full-feature Chuggington app based on Ludorum’s award-winning hit TV series seen on Disney Junior, Disney Channel’s programming block designed for kids ages 2-7 and their families.

The Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! App features 16 action-packed missions starring kids’ favorite characters from the series – Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Action Chugger – and combines the fun of train play with the intuitive Multi-Touch of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Preschoolers can activate a number of exciting train features during game play with a simple press or swipe of the finger, including jump, speed boost, grow, fly, switch tracks to avoid obstacles, load/unload deliveries, make pickups and more. The app also guides children through leveled game play, while they earn bronze, silver, and gold badges as rewards for their accomplishments.

“The Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! App is another way for fans to interact with the most loved Chuggington characters anywhere they want to play,” said Megan Buecher, director of licensing, Ludorum. "Preschoolers can play to earn badges just like the trainees do on the show.”

The app launches with four distinct game levels. Each level features four character-specific rounds that showcase the Chuggington trainees and help young players master their special skills to earn badges. Through its stimulating, age-appropriate activities, the Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! App reinforces positive messages and important social skills for preschoolers and brings the show’s engaging adventures and high-quality animation to life on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Published by Starz Digital Media, the digital and on-demand licensing arm of Starz, the Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! App delivers hours of engaging entertainment. The app is developed by Out of the Blue Digital, a division of children’s entertainment company Out of the Blue Enterprises.

image0077The Chuggington: Terrific Trainee! App is available for $1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at

About Starz Digital Media

Starz Digital Media, an operating division of Starz Media, LLC, is responsible for all digital and on-demand distribution of content from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Starz Originals from Starz Entertainment, Manga Entertainment, and other select entertainment providers. Through a range of distribution and marketing partnerships with multichannel video providers, Internet distributors and wireless operators worldwide, Starz Digital Media makes its content available under numerous business models including download-to-own/electronic sell-through, video-on-demand, pay-per-view, subscription video-on-demand and ad-supported streaming. The division also programs and supports numerous ad-supported broadband channels and develops games, applications and other related content from many of its properties for distribution worldwide.

About Chuggington
Chuggington is a CGI-animated series as well as a fully-immersive interactive website. The series follows the adventures of Wilson, Brewster and Koko, trainee engines, each with their own unique personality and learning style. The series is set in a world much like our own with cities, villages and diverse cultures and geography. Entertainment and enjoyment are at the heart of Chuggington, but embedded within each story are important educational and developmental messages centered on learning and social-emotional development. Further information is available at

About Out of the Blue Enterprises

Out of the Blue Enterprises is dedicated to developing a groundbreaking portfolio of individually-targeted children’s entertainment properties under the direction of a proven management team led by Co-Founders Angela C. Santomero, M.A. developmental Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Creator of the preschool entertainment phenomenon, Blue’s Clues, and Samantha Freeman, MBA from Harvard Business School and former Nickelodeon entertainment and toy industry executive. The company creates breakthrough, interactive entertainment and learning-based concepts that span a variety of viable platforms, including television, digital, video, publishing and consumer products. In doing so, Out of the Blue stimulates the minds of kids and families, involves them in fresh and original ways and elevates their entertainment and educational experiences to a whole new level.

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