Apr 262012
Nutrisystem Week 11- Not A Good Week #NSNation

Well, this has been one of those weeks. I did not stick to my Nutrisystem very well this week. On top of it being “that” time of the month, I ran out of my Zoloft. No Zoloft makes me very depressed and all I wanted to do was eat everything in sight. We also lost […]

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Mar 302012
My Morning Ritual-A Glass Of Tropicana Orange Juice #TropFloridaOJ

As a child, I remember waking up in the morning to the smell of eggs, bacon (or sausage) and toast. I would bounce out of the bed and run down the stairs as soon as my nose sensed that wonderful aroma. I loved (and still do) the smell of a homemade breakfast but my favorite […]

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Mar 252012
Nutrisystem Week 7- Under 260!! #NSNation

I am so excited! When I stepped on the scale last Sunday, I weighed 259.8- I finally made it under 260!! I was really surprised since my son was on spring break all week and we ate out a couple of times at a fast food hamburger restaurant so he could play in the playground. […]

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Mar 122012
Nutrisystem Update: Weeks 5 & 6 #NSNation

Unfortunately, I was unable to write a Nutrisystem update last week. It was a crazy week around here with doctor visits, falls, and generally stressful things going on all week. Monday, I had to take my son to the doctor. He was diagnosed with croup again. I truly hope we got it taken care of […]

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Feb 292012
Nutrisystem Week 4- #NSNation

This past week on Nutrisystem was a tough one. I had a few things to do in town and was away from home for several hours at a time. I forgot to take something to eat with me. I caved and bought a sub. I did get wheat bread, no cheese and lots of veggies. […]

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