Bathroom Remodel: Choices, Choices- I Need Help!

Over the weekend, my bathroom ended up being painted “Exuberant Pink”. Now, If you have never seen this color, it is quite pretty-in a very bright sort of way.




Now for my problem. I have no clue what colors to use in my bathroom. I am looking for towels, a shower curtain and other bathroom accessories. Looking at Amazon, I have found a few shower curtains but am not sure if they will look good or not.

I would appreciate any suggestions. I currently have some Amazon Gift Codes to use and really need to get the bathroom finished.

1 thought on “Bathroom Remodel: Choices, Choices- I Need Help!

  1. Using the three choices above, I would go with the last one, the white, green, and pink one. If you have more choices, I would go with something light (it will keep the bathroom from looking too dark), that has the pink from your walls in it, just a little, and then whatever other complimentary color you like!

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