Time To Move?

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Mar 302013

How long have you lived in your home? I have been in the same house for 13 years. I want something new. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be new but I would love something different. I mean, you can only rearrange the furniture and repaint the walls so many times before it just gets boring. Even changing the landscape can get pretty boring. Moving plants is really hard work that I used to love to do but not so much now that my back hurts all of the time. Owning a home out in the country is nice but can get pretty old after a while.

One of these days, I would love to look into something like the vero beach luxury golf homes. What could be better than living in a maintenance free home where someone else fixes the little things that go wrong? They even maintain the yards for you. No mowing, weed-eating, tree trimming, etc. Just my opinion, but it would be heavenly to not have to worry with the mundane little household to-dos that consist of upkeep of the house. Of course, it would be even better if they would wash dishes, clothes, sweep, mop and all of that good stuff.

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Missing The Lake and Camping

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Mar 282013

It has been several years since I have been to the lake. We used to go camping several times during the summer months with several of my family members. Unfortunately, since we have family issues and no longer speak to these family members, we do not go to the lake anymore.

I really miss the quiet mornings waking up at the lake, sitting by the campfire, etc. I also miss the boat rides and riding the jet skis. Some friends of ours have a little dinghy that we had so much fun with. They even had one of those dinghy davits to get it in and out of the water. Made it much easier to deal with as far as getting it in and out of the water. I never could back up a trailer to get anything out of the water.

We sold our camper last year. It sat in the yard for 2 years before we finally decided to sell it. I would love to go camping again but it would not be the same without the people we had so much fun with. Maybe someday, we will be able to go again. I really want my son to remember fun times and spending quality time in nature. He would love to be able to go fishing and riding in a boat.

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Mar 272013

Do you ever wonder why you even bother doing things for people when they don’t even appreciate it? I spent an hour cooking dinner tonight and no one ate but me. Sad smile  The sad thing is that when I don’t cook, I get snide remarks about not doing anything. It make me wonder sometimes why I even try. So, I am not cooking unless it is something for my son and I. If anyone else wants to eat, then they can fix a sandwich.

I am tired of hurting myself to do things for people that do not appreciate it. With my back problems, it is hard for me to do laundry, dishes, sweeping and just housework in general. Standing over the stove cooking really puts me in a painful place. Maybe someday, I can afford to hire someone to come do these mundane tasks for me. Haha-I can dream, can’t I?

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Where Is Spring? I Am Ready To Spring Clean

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Mar 252013

Even though the first day of Spring was several days ago, it is definitely not feeling like Spring here at all. With the first day of Spring comes the preparation for the Summer months. It is time to clean the house really good, remove the heavy drapes that have kept the cold out, etc. Another thing I try to do is to keep my AC in tip top shape once Spring arrives so I don’t end up needing air conditioning repair boynton beach in the heat of the summer. I also try to get my windows and screens cleaned and ready for those days when I want to let the fresh air in.

I am ready to see the flowers bloom and all of the trees bud out to shade my windows. There is nothing better than sitting out on the back porch in the morning and seeing the birds eating from the feeder, the flowers blooming in the garden and watching my fur-babies play in the wonderful weather. My son is excited for school to get

What do you do to prepare for the Spring and Summer months? Do you live in an area that gets super hot in the summer? It gets hot here for sure. It makes me very thankful for whoever invented air conditioning.

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Five Dogs In The House, What Was I Thinking?

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Mar 252013

I admit it. I have a definite weakness when it comes to puppies. Show me a puppy and I will fall in love. Needless to say, this is how I have found myself with 5 barking fur-babies in my house. Of course, that does not take into account the 4 meowing fur-babies.SAM_0007

I have quite a menagerie of pets. There is Rambo (8 years old) the 90 pound boxer, Sadee (7) the 45 pound English bulldog, Sophie(4-also known as Puppy Pia) the 15 pound shih-tzu, Puppy Cakes (1) the 10 pound shih-tzu/papillon mix and Naya (4 months old) the growing boxer/mastiff mix. Did I mention that I have a king-sized bed and they all sleep in the bed? As far as cats, we have Momo, Sophia, Sword and Fufu. Yes, my now 6 year old son named the cats and some of the dogs.

I admit that I do get frustrated at times with them. The dirt they bring in on their feet causes me to sweep several times a day and usually mop once a day. Luckily, I have linoleum floors and not carpet. The puppy stage brings a lot of chewing on things that are not supposed to be chewed on. NayaBelle is the one at this stage right now.

I love my babies and enjoy every stressed out moment with them. They keep me warm at night, they lay in my lap, they give me sugars and love me unconditionally and do not talk back.

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Time To Renew My House Again

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Mar 242013

Living in the same house for the past thirteen years, I am looking to make a few changes to make it not so blah. After being in the same house for so long, things all start getting boring. We have repainted the walls a few times. Painting does help somewhat but it is still kind of ho-hum.  I have been thinking about getting embossed wallcoverings to put on my living room walls.

My living room is one looooonnngggg room and needs to be spruced up a bit to make things more interesting. The walls were recently painted a sky blue since I was tired of the light pink walls. I love the blue behind my new fish aquarium. It makes it look like the water is blue. I have been contemplating doing the embossed wall-covering on one of the longer walls to see if it helps make the room look more homey. The room just looks too, I don’t know, not very homey looking. That does not even make sense really. Have you ever just walked into a room and it felt all warm and cozy? THAT is how I want it to be.

Over the next few months, I will be doing some rearranging and reorganizing. I hope to take some pictures and show you what I have done. Maybe it will look okay. I am still working on getting a few things for my new 100 gallon fish aquarium. Maybe I will get it all done about the same time so I can share. Smile

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Have Kids? Grandkids? Great Dr Seuss Gift Idea

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Mar 152013

Looking to get something special for the little ones for a birthday or other special occasion? This is a heck of a deal and the kids will LOVE it!! Smile Click the image above to get yours. I ordered mine the other day and the grandkids are gonna be some happy campers come Christmas time.

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Finding A Place To Call Home

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Mar 122013

Now that I am getting things on track with my business, I have been thinking about a lot of things I would like to do when I start making that six figure income that on my agenda. You know, the usual things- a better vehicle, a better home, etc. I often dream of new cars and even new home communities. Port St Lucie would be the type of place I would love to be as far as a home and of course, my vehicle of choice would be a Tahoe.

The car part is easy. I will find a nice used Tahoe that is a lot newer than mine. I LOVE my Tahoe and it works well for my business as well as personal use. The home part, well, that is a lot to think about. A single dwelling home, a condo, a home in the country, a home closer to the amenities I would like, etc.

With my health and back problems, I need something somewhere that is easy to take care of. A place where they take care of it for me would be nice too. If you had a chance and money was no object, what type of home would you look for? I like the idea of community living because there is always something to do. Most communities offer amenities such as golf, fitness, pools, lakeside hangouts, etc. Sounds like my kind of place!

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Summer Is On The Way

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Mar 082013

I just realized that Spring break is next week. Seriously, where does the time go? When I picked my son up from school last week, he brought his nap mat home. No more naps. Sad smile Again, where does the time go? They are getting them ready for First Grade. I am so not ready for my baby to grow up. Of course, with the realization that Spring break and 1st grade are on the horizon, this can only mean one thing-Summer is almost here.

What do you do during the summer? Have you planned your vacation? Are you already choosing a summer camp for the kids? I have not given the slightest thought to summer. I do know I will will be doing quite a few vendor events to sell my Pink Zebra products. As for keeping my young man busy, I have no clue. I am also trying my best to promote with Pink Zebra and hopefully be at the point where we can take a vacation when I go to the Pink Zebra Reunion this year.

Who would have thought that being an adult/parent would require so many thoughts and plans. I do know that I am glad my daughter-in-law is right down the road if for some reason I need her help during the summer. You never know when someone may schedule a party and my little one is not a fan of going with me to help me sell my Pink Zebra.

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Feb 182013

I need an intervention. I just realized that I am in over 250 groups on Facebook. YIKES! Blogging groups, swap groups, pet groups, advertising groups, and who knows what else. I have no clue how to keep it all organized.

For starters, I tried copying and pasting to a spreadsheet. The problem with that method is that if you join new groups, then you have to add them in one by one. I really wish there was a way to add them to folders on Facebook. That would be amazing! I also wish there was an easy way to remove yourself from groups that are no longer interesting to you.

How many groups are you in on Facebook? How do you keep yourself organized? I am a bit overwhelmed at times trying to keep up with everything.

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