Nutrisystem Week 3: Doing Great #NSNation

This has been a really rough week. I actually caved one day and ate a cheeseburger. The bad part is that I could not even taste it because I have been really sick with some type of coughing, hacking sore throat junk. Thankfully, I am feeling better now and sticking to my diet this week. For my third week, I am down 2 more pounds. I am really excited that this is working. I love the fact that, with Nutrisystem, I can eat enough and not feel hungry all of the time and still lose weight.

I am really feeling like I have more energy now even though I have not lost much as of yet. Every pound lost makes me feel better about myself. I am having problems keeping my pants up but have not yet dropped down a size. I am just happy that I can tell a difference. I am definitely looking forward to getting back down to a size 16 again. My favorite pair of jeans is waiting in the closet for me.

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