Are Blog Giveaways A Scam?

I get this question quite frequently from my friends and family ever since I entered the realm of having giveaways on my blogs. So are blog giveaways a scam?

Let’s start out by defining a blog giveaway. A blog giveaway is where an individual blogger or group of bloggers decide to have a giveaway on their website(s ). In most cases, the blogger(s ) will seek out sponsors to supply the prizes for the giveaway. The sponsor, in return for giving the item to the winner, gets a lot of brand exposure for their company by the blogger advertising their item. Many businesses are more than happy to sponsor a giveaway for a blogger, but then again, some aren’t.

Are blog giveaways a scam? In my opinion, no they are not. I have entered a few blog giveaways over the past few years and have won a few things. I am a member of a several groups of review and giveaway bloggers that hold giveaways quite regularly on their blogs. For the most part, they all enter blog giveaways themselves. Several of these group members have actually won iPads amongst the other goodies.

Pros of blog giveaways:

  • A blog giveaway gives you more of a chance to win because the odds are in your favor. They usually have smaller numbers of entrants than the big company sweepstakes that you see on TV and in magazines.
  • Multiple chances to win in most cases by doing the “extra entry” options.
  • Easy and cheap to enter-no stamps or purchase required.
  • Awesome prizes!!

Cons of blog giveaways:

  • None that I can think of other than the fact that they are addicting!!

Now that we have decided that blog giveaways are not scams-get out there and enter some giveaways! Be sure to enter my giveaways listed in the upper right sidebar. You could win some awesome prizes or gift cards for gift giving. (PS-The holidays are coming up!!)

If you don’t like using your personal email address for things like giveaways, read this post about signing up for things online with an email address. Just don’t forget to check your inbox to see if you are a winner. Most blogs only have a short window of time for you to respond before they pick another winner.

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  1. Miss Sara says:

    I’m sure that SOME are actually a SCAM, however, I have won a TON of GREAT items from blog giveaways & well, I’m an addict. 😀 Some of the things I’ve won are: pillow, all-purpose cleaner, fabric softner, a giftcard to a clothing store, & the list goes on & on!

    Great tips here.
    Miss Sara recently posted..Monthly Domestic Violence Awareness (09/15/11)My Profile

  2. Marie says:

    Not a scam, just fun! I enter giveaways and host them on my blog. Use “and the winner is” plugin for word press so winners are chosen randomly and usually the sponsor ships prizes directly to the winner. Winning is a BLAST!
    Marie recently posted..Face Palm Friday 9/15My Profile

  3. I love your post! I think it is a good idea to approach this subject for those that do not know what they are about. I also feel that its not like we see a picture of a person with underneath “won X amount of stuff” LeRoy from NJ…type thing-we know these bloggers that win things-and in turn non bloggers that are listed as winners. And if bloggers are winning alot of giveaways-its only because they are entering them more often :). The more you enter the more chances you have to win something!! Great post Lori!
    Becky Willis recently posted..#BlueBloggers Raising the Stakes for #SuicidePreventionMy Profile

  4. Safire says:

    Not a scam…just tons of fun for us and a great way for the companies to get the word out about their products. I’ve won tons of stuff and enjoyed it all!

  5. Nikki says:

    I’ve won way more blog giveaways than I ever did entering those “millions will enter, few will win” giveaways. So far, only one didn’t follow through, and that was the sponsor, not the blogger. Now, I pretty much only enter blog giveaways, partially to support other bloggers, but mostly because I know I have a much better chance to win every once in a while. Great post!.
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  6. Blog giveaways are awesome, as far as I’m concerned. It gives me (a blogger) the opportunity to giveaway a great product that I also received and or use.

    I’m a reviewer first. The giveaway is a bonus to the reader. People should be excited that companies are giving opportunities to get things free with great odds.

    It is definitely fun and addictive!
    Tonia @TheChattyMomma recently posted..10 FREE Movie Night Rentals at Redbox Giveaway (5 WINNERS)My Profile

  7. Terri S Crum says:

    Love this post!! & NO they are absolutely not a scam!! Just check out my hall closet! I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done from BLOG giveaways!! I’m a true addict…but, winning is so much easier than entering the giveaways/contests where everyone in the US & elsewhere enters!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Judith says:

    With the advent of rafflecopter and ease of entering and cheating goes up.
    Even if you say no cheating, odds of winning has greatly gone down with rafflecopter an Ipad2 with 70000+ entries.
    Earlier this month or maybe August, a one hr giveaway with 210000+. That number of entries in one hr would hang up any blogger sites. Blogger sites are not built to handle this traffic.
    Not sure that blogs are going in the right direction for anyone other then blog owner. And yes I do enter giveaways (all day(i am retired)) and I do not have a closet full of wins.

  9. LOL Yeah Teri is a multi-win winner from Makobi Scribe!
    Jennifer Medeiros recently posted..Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium Eversave GiveawayMy Profile

  10. April H says:

    I love being able to host giveaways on my blog! So far all of my sponsors have followed through – definitely not a scam!
    April H recently posted..Quinoa with Sweet Potato and MushroomsMy Profile

  11. Gina says:

    I love blog giveaways! I’ve only been entering for about 5 months & have won a lot of prizes! But you are right, it is so addicting! 🙂

  12. giay says:

    NO, I don’t think they are scam because I am a giveaway addict myself because I am winning and I just love joining them :). The items I won is not for me to keep, I share them also to my friends and family to enjoy 🙂

  13. Denise says:

    I always assumed they might be a scam. If not an out and out scam, then an attempt to get me to sign up for a monthly subscription or something like that.
    Thanks for setting me straight.
    Denise recently posted..Downton Abbey is Classic British TVMy Profile

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